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OSB Plant Radauti

Production facility for Oriented-Strands-Boars in Radauti (re-measurable unit rate (build) contract); earthworks, structural works and allocated water disposal work (waste water / rain water disposal) for indoor production facilities, allocated offices and social facilities and several machine foundations;

What our clients say

  • According to our experience in construction and following warranty period related to the mentioned scope of work, we strongly recommend Heberger Constructii for this kind of works. The works were performed to our full satisfaction.

    The main part of the contracted services was to build the structural elements for all material storages, production equipment and liquid reservoirs, as well the associated earthworks.

    An expansion of our production facility is always connected to several external critical milestones. First major task has been directed to the accuracy of the work, in terms of deformation and displacement of the equipment foundation, and also the liquid tightness of the reservoirs. The second task was focused on the timing of the works due to the short and exact delivery terms of the equipment and raw material.

    OSB Production Facility - Staff

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