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Improvement Construdava Building

Refurbishment of a 7-storey office building and car park during operation.

Construdava is a business center located on the north part of Bucharest on 4C Pipera-Tunari Road. The center has two buildings: one with high regime (2B+GF+8F) of 38.70 m maximum height, for office spaces with the build surface of 1.300 sqm and 13.000 sqm developed aria, and one parking building (low height regime: 3B+GF+1F with maximum height of 5.70 m) aside with 900 sqm build surface and 4.200 sqm developed area; the construction started in 2004 and ended in 2006.
The office building consists of two basements, one is used for office activities and conferences and the second mainly for parking and storage, ground floor with a central open patio (to the 7th floor), horizontal circulation ways and vertical intersections in the 2 existing lift lobbies (principal one with 2 main elevators and secondary one with 3 elevators); the 1st floor to the 6th floor there are office spaces, patio, rest rooms; at the 7th floor there is a restaurant as a cantina with terrace and also in 7th and 8th floor there are office spaces.

The parking building has 3 basements from which the -3 one has correspondence with -2 basement from the main building the other basements being independent as functionality.

Scope of works
Considering the new regulations regarding the fire safety and ventilation requirements new improvements had to be implemented to both buildings starting with 2014 as follows:
– regarding the office building, there were executed buffer rooms in basements for the spaces where normative required this solutions; also there were executed fire resistant walls between parking places and storage rooms in second basement, new fire resistant doors have been installed and the old existing doors were replaced where the case with new fire resisting ones. Also the walls between the elevators and the lift lobby were replaced with fire resistance ones.
– regarding the parking building, the façade openings next to the office building were closed with fire resistant materials; also new buffer rooms were executed with fire resistant walls, doors, and installation equipments; all internal shafts and vertical installation columns were closed with fire resistant walls and/or insulated with fire resistant materials.

All the executed works had as purpose the alignment to the new normatives and regulations regarding air supply, ventilation and fire safety and the improvement of quality and comfort for the tenants.

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