From vision to reality

Biomass Power Plant Reci


The Biomass Power Plant in Reci is a biomass based power plant situated near Reci village, on the national road DN11 and is owned by Holzindustrie Schweighofer S.R.L.

Start of erection was April 2014 and after six months of construction works and execution the power plant was completed.

The building consists of two main parts: the Turbine Building and the Boiler House Building. Another three secondary building parts are present around these two main parts: The Ash Box Building, Fuel Feeding Building and the E-Filter structure.

The total ground area of the power plant is 5.950 sqm and the total developed area of the buildings11.900 sqm.

The maximum height of the building is 32m, level reached by the Boiler House Building.

The structural composition of the building is a mixed one, composed from cast in situ concrete elements, concrete prefabricated elements and steel elements.

The scope of this industrial facility is to convert the biomass resulted from wood processing in to electric and heat energy.

The power plant is design to produce 15MW of electric power and 38MW of thermal power.

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