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Heberger Constructions has the pleasure of developing a new collaboration with its’ partner, Robert Bosch. Also this time the project will run, as well as in 2016, also in Cluj, but it is much larger. The two companies join forces this year to create a building, part of a large development project, that will run until 2019, in the proximity of Cluj’s centre.


Robert Bosch has been and continues to be a trusted partner, with great seriousness and professionalism throughout all the projects that have been held together so far. We hope that this project will be both challenging and innovative for both Heberger Constructions and our partner, Robert Bosch.


Robert Bosch, a world-renowned company, has been present on the Romanian market since 1994, with up to now 4 subsidiaries nationwide. Since 2017, a multifunctional building including “dual school” was opened at Jucu Cluj, and by the end of 2018 the second hall, already under construction, will be opened.


At present, the collaboration between Heberger  Constructions and Robert Bosch is carried out in Cluj-Napoca, a research center in the Flacara area, a very close area to the center of Cluj.
This new research center is part of a much wider project that wants to replace the former factories existing around Cluj.


The research center, named CLJ200 building, is the first stage of the project that Heberger  Constructions, in partnership with Robert Bosch, develops in that area. The CLJ200 building was designed to include office spaces, cafeteria, a sports and a medical center for employees and also an underground parking place.


The CLJ200 building was designed to have basement, ground floor, 6 levels and attic. The building will have its own heating station, being independent and autonomous from this perspective.


In the first stage of construction, its total area is 1893.80 square meters and the total development area is 17,526.95 square meters.


One of the building’s features is the technical floor, that has been designed to be accessed from the outside of the building, thus having access to all its technical components, with independent access to the rest of the building.


Also, another notable aspect of this first building is the underground parking area, that will have a total capacity of 161 parking slots.
The representatives of Heberger  Constructions and Robert Bosch announced that the completion date of this first construction will be mid-summer 2019.


This project shows both us and our partner that time has been an essential element in building a relationship of success, trust and professionalism.